What Is the Difference Between an Employment Website and Employment Agency?


While many job seekers in Japan search online for employment opportunities, more and more candidates are turning to specialized employment agencies for professional, personalized career advice and support to find their next job. To decide which is the better option, you first must understand the fundamental differences between employment websites and employment agencies. In this article, we will explore these differences and more so that you can find the right service to land the job of your dreams.

The Difference Between an Employment Website and Employment Agency

Putting it simply, an employment website or job board helps you look for a new job on your own, while an employment agency provides professional advisors to personally help you with your career. Let’s look at how each entity works in detail.

How an Employment Website Works

An employment website gives you access to job postings from different companies. Once you register with the website, you’ll be able to browse through these postings and apply to the ones you like through the site itself. The best part of this service is the ability to quickly look over a variety of different positions and instantly apply for them.

On the other hand, these websites provide no tips on how to pass the screening process or any other kind of personalized support. You’ll also have to negotiate things like salary with the company on your own.

How an Employment Agency Works

An employment agency can advise you on your next career move by presenting tailored job offers that best suit your needs, skills, and experience. These services tend to be free and are personalized based on conversations with an agent through phone, video call, or e-mail. In addition, employment agencies can also help with composing a resume that properly highlights your past achievements while providing strategies to support you through the screening process. The scope of services offered is very wide.

While you will likely get access to fewer positions through an employment agency than with a website, most agents deal with private positions not posted publicly. As popular companies become swamped with applications online, many of them rely on employment agencies to recruit suitable personnel instead.

Because employment agencies have access to private job offers, chances are that they will be able to find you something unexpected and perfectly suited. An employment agent can also ask a company difficult questions in your stead and trawl through all the offers available to pick out jobs that best match your needs, skills, and experience. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of using an employment agency.

For Employment Agencies, We Recommend tsunagu Local Jobs

When job-hunting in Japan, many feel apprehensive about being able to find a position that suits their skills while dealing with the selection process on their own. That’s why employment agencies are particularly recommended for foreigners in Japan seeking change with minimal stress and confusion.

That being said, some employment agencies don’t know for certain whether a potential employer is looking for foreign staff. Unfortunately, in the first place, there aren’t many offers open to non-Japanese candidates in Japan. Therefore, to help increase your chances of landing a job, we recommend using tsunagu Local Jobs, which lists positions open to all nationalities.

▼To make your job hunting smoother, we recommend tsunagu Local Jobs

Here are seven reasons why tsunagu Local Jobs is right for you:

Only Lists Job Offers Open to All Nationalities

At tsunagu Local Jobs, you will only find offers from employers actively seeking foreign staff! This will greatly increase your chances of landing a job compared to other sites and agencies.

Access to Private Recruitment Offers

tsunagu Local Jobs boasts numerous first-rate private job offers. Remember, when seeking employment at a popular company, an employment agency is always better than an online job board. We’ve got loads of jobs from companies we’re sure you’ll love!

Job Postings Available in English

The offers at tsunagu Local Jobs are available in Japanese and English, allowing English-speakers the ability to fully understand the job they’re applying for. There are plans to add more languages in the future.

Staff Includes Native Speakers of Seven Different Languages

With tsunagu Local Jobs, you’ll be able to get advice in your native language from staff fluent in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese. Through smooth communication, your agent can properly grasp your needs and find a company that ticks all the boxes.

The Employment Agents Are Foreigners

The staff at tsunagu Local Jobs are also foreigners working at a Japanese company! Their tried and tested advice will not only help you through the screening process, but will also come in handy once you land the job.

・The Employment Agents Will File Your Applications and Set Up Interviews for You

Once you prepare your resumes, your employment agent will take care of the rest! This includes planning meetings and scheduling interviews for you, preventing conflicts and crafting a seamless recruiting process. Additionally, they can contact a company on your behalf and ask them any questions you may have.

Job Offers Based On Your Skills, Experience, and Needs

The agents at tsunagu Local Jobs will thoroughly assess your career path, strengths, and needs, and present you with carefully selected job offers that perfectly match. Thanks to this, you won’t have to comb through a mountain of wanted ads yourself, giving you time to focus on the more important elements of the job-hunting process.

Employment agents can also ask a company directly what kind of person they want for the position, making mismatches a rarity.

Find the Perfect Job With the Ultimate Employment Agency!

Securing a stable and lucrative job is essential to building a successful life in Japan. So, whether you’re job-hunting or job-hopping, don’t take your chances on job boards. Stand out from the crowd through tailored advice and comprehensive support with tsunagu Local Jobs!

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