Kansai weekend getaway destinations
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5 Perfect Weekend Getaway Spots in Kansai

The Kansai region is home to many lovely towns that are the perfect locations to relax during a weekend getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of major tourist areas. They offer quintessential Japanese townscapes, relaxing onsen, and stunning scenery, all the elements for the ideal short trip! Read on to learn about our recommended weekend getaway spots in Kansai that have yet to be discovered by overseas tourists.
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Zero Waste Lifestyle Tips in Japan

It might seem like Japan has the world’s most comprehensive waste collection and recycling system, but not even Japan can recycle its way out of the enormous plastic pollution problem it is facing. Plus, aren’t you tired of all the time spent separating and taking out your own trash? And not to mention the number of trash cans and space that is taken up in our little Japanese apartments. The solution? Refuse, reduce, and replace!
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The Best Major Japanese Cities to Live In Outside of Tokyo

Tokyo may be the largest city in Japan, the center of its economy, and the focal point of its culture, but it is far from the only city. In fact, there are many other major cities throughout Japan that are fantastic places to live! This article will introduce the 10 best cities to live in that are not Tokyo, ranked by the Mori Institute. Find the perfect city for you!
Sea of Japan sightseeing spots
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7 Lesser-Traveled Spots in Japan! Touring the Sea of Japan Through Kansai

The Kansai area in Japan is made up of several prefectures that touch the Sea of Japan, including Fukui, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Tottori. This has had a profound impact on local architecture, culture, and cuisine, offering spectacular experiences that can only be enjoyed on this side of Japan! These spots allow you to gaze upon stunning scenery, refreshing your mind and body, while avoiding the crowds and exploring this lush side of Japan at your own pace. If you are looking to get away on a trip with stunning scenery and locations not yet widely known amongst foreign travelers, read on to learn about the breathtaking spots looking out onto the Sea of Japan!
Valentine's Day in Japan
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Valentine’s Day in Japan – A Complex Chocolate-Giving Culture

Did you know that Valentine's Day is celebrated differently in Japan from most other countries? Instead of men generously showering ladies with flowers and fancy meals, it is Japanese ladies who take the initiative by giving chocolates to their male and female acquaintances. So don't be surprised to receive chocolates that run the gamut from wallet-friendly to extravagant, depending on your relationship with the giver. Read on to find out the main kinds of chocolates that are given out on Valentine's Day and what they represent!