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A Guide to Japan’s Amazing Tax Exemption Scheme for Investment by Individuals

In many countries, capital gains made by individuals are taxable, and with a hefty rate at that. Interestingly, Japan has a special system in place which allows tax-free investments and in some cases even tax deductions. What is the reasoning behind such a system? How could you benefit from it after making an investment? Let's find out together!
Investing with yen
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A Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Japan

Money left in the bank is money that is losing value. If you have excess cash sitting around, it's always good to invest it. Not only do you beat inflation, but you can potentially grow that money as well. Living in Japan, you don't have to settle for overseas brokerages and remitting currency. Rather, using the following brokerages, you can invest your hard-earned yen right here and now.