Make Your Japan Trip and Expat Life Easier With the Oyraa Interpreter App (Available in Over 153 Languages!)

Thanks to technology, traveling and living in Japan is easier than ever before. Translation and interpreter apps let those who aren’t confident in Japanese communicate freely, promising a stress-free trip and daily life. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Oyraa, an easy-to-use interpretation app that connects you directly to native speakers. Whether you’re traveling, studying, conducting business, or wish to learn more about the country, Oyraa helps you cut through language barriers and complicated procedures so that you can make the most of your time in Japan!

Oyraa is an app that offers 24-hour connection to interpreters from all over the world, offering services in over 153 languages worldwideーideal for those who are struggling with language barriers in a foreign country. You can find an interpreter who speaks your language and interact with them via phone call, text chat, video, and even organize on-site interpretation, making it an excellent deal for the price.

Why Use Oyraa?

  • The app is easy to use, so finding interpreters is a breeze.
  • You can reach out to interpreters 24 hours a day, any day.
  • High-level specialist interpreters are available.
  • Advance reservations for interpreters can be arranged.
  • Interpreters can join video calls.
  • Phone calls can be made together with an interpreter.
  • No overseas calling charges.
  • Accurate translations from native speakers.
  • Interpretation services available in over 153 languages.
  • The app is secure and private.
  • Affordable prices (charged per minute of use).
  • Can be used for all sorts of purposes, like translating short documents and more.

To show you exactly how Oyraa works, we came up with a bunch of real-life applications. Read on to see how it can improve your travels or expat life!

  1. Traveling Overseas

When traveling overseas, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to communicate in the local language at some point, particularly in rural areas. Oyraa interpreters can help you get your point across without fuss, ensuring a trouble-free stay no matter the obstacle. For example, you can use it to ask for directions, get information on attractions, book or cancel tickets, hire a rental car, and order at restaurants that lack English or picture menus. This is particularly vital for those with dietary restrictions or allergies, who might want to check ingredients or ask for a dish to be altered.

Plus, if you lose something important, you can hire an Oyraa interpreter to inquire at the stores, restaurants, and other places you visited, along with the lost and found department at a police station.

  1. Visiting a Hospital

Being hospitalized while overseas is a traumatic experience. Even if you’ve studied Japanese, the specialized words used by doctors and nurses can be difficult to understand, and you run the risk of missing crucial information about your health. Worst of all, hospital visits are often sudden and unexpected, so it’s worth setting up a 24-hour interpretation app like Oyraa in advance so that you can quickly call on an interpreter when needed.

  1. For Business and Negotiations

When conducting business overseas, it’s always best to use an interpreter who knows what they’re doing. Oyraa grants access to specialized business interpreters in a variety of languages, including Japanese. And, if you have an important meeting or negotiation coming up, you can book an interpreter in advance for ease of mind.

  1. When Moving Overseas

Naturally, for those planning to move to Japan or another country, Oyraa is a godsend. Whether you’re an exchange student, seeking work, or moving to your partner’s home, Oyraa can help you get started when you’re still grappling with the language and culture. As you can imagine, there’s a lot that needs to be taken care of when first moving overseas. While a run-of-the-mill text translation app may do the trick, a fully-fledged interpreter will ensure that you’re getting your new life off to a good start by properly sorting out the basics. Oyraa even has local interpreters who know the area and situation better, and can be arranged to be with you on-site.

Ways to Use Oyraa When Living in Japan

4.1 Renting an Apartment

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to get sorted in Japan is your new apartment. To rent in Japan, you’ll need to go through a real estate broker, and unfortunately, the vast majority of agents don’t speak English. So, when searching, checking conditions, and signing contracts, it’s best to hire an interpreter on Oyraa if you don’t feel confident in Japanese.

4.2 Getting a Phone Number and Setting Up Internet

Another top priority when moving to Japan is getting a phone number and internet connection. Just like real estate agents, English service is extremely limited in this area. When visiting a store or calling a provider, having an Oyraa interpreter by your side will help you understand what you’re getting into while avoiding issues that come out of poor communication.

4.3 Opening a Bank Account

Japanese banks are notoriously stringent with rules and procedures, and those who can’t speak Japanese are likely to struggle. Have an Oyraa interpreter with you while visiting a bank, and there’s a good chance you’ll leave with an account ready to go!

4.4 Applying For/Renewing Visas and Other Important Documents

Just like banks, visiting immigration or the city hall without a strong command of Japanese can be a recipe for disaster. Clerks often use official language that is rarely heard in day-to-day life, making it worth paying for a specialist interpreter. You can see the details of the interpreters on Oyraa before using their service, letting you find one with the right skills to suit each occasion.

4.5 Home Maintenance

Whether you rent or buy, it’s inevitable that something at home will soon need fixing. While smaller issues can be resolved yourself, faults with electricity, hot water, and such, require urgent attention from a specialist. Time is of the essence, and the details need to be explained clearly and accurately, which is why it’s good to have Oyraa ready to go before calling a Japanese electrician, plumber, mechanic, etc.

4.6 Dealing With Oversized Garbage

Getting rid of oversized garbage is surprisingly difficult in Japan, and simply dumping it on the street is a big no-no. Proper procedure requires you to call up to arrange a pick-up date and pay a fee. Staff will ask you about the type of garbage and its size, so you’ll need a decent level of Japanese. If you’re unsure about this, you can have an interpreter on Oyraa join your call, who can tell the staff about your oversized garbage, while providing you with instructions on what to do and how to pay for the trash disposal.

4.7 Getting a Haircut

Those staying in Japan for more than a few months will have to bite the bullet and get a haircut in Japanese. Beauty in Japan is practically its own language, and if not conveyed properly, you run the risk of leaving with an embarrassing do. While showing them a picture may do the trick, the stylist will often ask you questions while cutting, so it’s best to maintain a dialogue. With the help of an interpreter on Oyraa, you’re all but guaranteed a look that you’ll be proud to show off!

With such a wide range of useful applications, it’s not a bad idea to have the Oyraa app ready to go on your phone. Below, we’ll show you how to download Oyraa. We also have a special promotional code that you can use to get a discount when using Oyraa!

How to Download Oyraa With Our Discount Promo Code

You can easily download the Oyraa app from the App Store or Google Play using the links below:

App Store:

Google Play:

tsunagu Japan and tsunagu Local readers can also receive a special discount on Oyraa! Simply enter the code (TJEN) without the brackets when signing up, and you’ll get 10% off your first use.

How to Use the Oyraa App

*Images shown are all in Japanese, but the app is also available in English.

First, tap the “Sign up” button at the very bottom (①, left image), and enter your personal information. Be sure to also insert the tsunagu Japan promo code (TJEN) into the field shown in the right image (②). Once you’ve finished, click “Sign up”.

After signing up, you’ll be greeted by the “Find Interpreter” page, which is arranged as follows:

  1. Search for interpreters by name via the search box, or select the languages you wish to translate in the boxes underneath.
  2. Add filters like country, etc.
  3. Search by expertise to find specialists.

If you’d like Oyraa to recommend an interpreter for a particular need, tap the search button on the bottom right corner (④) and select the languages. You can also add a Filter (⑤) and Expertise (⑥) and write the details of the job. This will help the app find an interpreter that fits.

The Filter page (left photo) lets you filter by country (①), city (②), current online status (③), and whether they’re a professional translator or not (④). Professional interpreters have a green badge in front of their name (right photo), making them easy to spot.

The Expertise page lets you browse interpreters who specialize in different fields. You can see an interpreter’s expertise underneath their profile name (right photo).

You can also view the details of each interpreter by clicking their profile. There’s a lot of information, so here’s how to make sense of it all:

  • (1) Rating. Those with 5 stars are top-level interpreters.
  • (2) Response rate. The higher the response rate, the more likely they are to answer calls, assuming they aren’t already booked. Be sure to check this if you need an interpreter quickly.
  • (3) Check availability. Shows the interpreter’s working hours (not all interpreters have this).
  • (4) The languages they cover and fee per minute for the interpreter.
  • (5) A list of the interpreter’s expertise and experience.

If you want to find out more about an interpreter, you can tap the chat button and talk to them directly. If you’re satisfied with their service, then click the heart button to add them to your Favorites.

Along with contacting interpreters individually, the Oyraa app also has a Group Call function. Tap the 3-way call button (left image) and enter the phone number you wish to call. Or select the middle button on the tab at the bottom (right image). This lets you call a third party together with the interpreter, and there’s no additional cost other than the interpreter fee!

If you’re thinking about traveling, living, or doing business in Japan, then we highly recommend downloading the Oyraa interpreter app. With the aid of an interpreter by your side, you’ll be able to navigate Japan with confidence, and enjoy a comfortable trip or daily life free from obstacles!

The information in this article is accurate at the time of publication.