A Friendly English Guide to Japan Post Redelivery (With Photo Walkthrough!)

Japan Post redelivery slip english

Missed your package delivery and now you’re stuck with an undeliverable item slip thick in illegible kanji? Look no further! Follow these simple steps and in less than five minutes you can easily order your Japan Post redelivery!


Japan Post Delivery Truck
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Unlike in other countries, the Japanese post office and other delivery services will not just leave your package unattended at your doorstep (although some delivery services have begun experimenting with unattended delivery options). Normally, if you’re not home when they attempt to deliver, they will hold on to the package and either try to deliver it again later in the day or drop an undeliverable item slip into your mailbox. Although it may look a little convoluted at first, once you know what to do you can set up your package to be redelivered in less than 5 minutes.

There are currently four ways to let your delivery service know you when you want your package redelivered, ordered by convenience: using LINE, scanning the QR code on the slip, going to the company website, or calling on the phone. We’ll go over each one in detail, using the Japan Post as an example. Other companies, such as Kuroneko and Sagawa, are very similar and all the steps should broadly apply to them as well. 

Apply for Redelivery Via LINE

The simplest and quickest way to request redelivery of your package is via Japan Post’s official LINE account. It is done in Japanese but is easy enough to follow along with if you look at the photos below. To start, add Japan Post’s official account (called 郵便局[ぽすくま]) to your contacts using this QR code:

Japan Post LINE account

Next, open the chat with the account and press the 再配達の申し込み (saihaitatsu no moushikomi) button from the menu that pops up in the chat window.

Japan Post Redelivery button LINE
The redelivery button on the Japan Post LINE account

Next, a message will show up asking you to enter the 問い合わせ番号 (toiawase bangou), meaning the number on your redelivery slip. Alternatively, you can send a photo of the QR code on the slip, and it will automatically find the number for you. Once you enter the number, a selection of possible redelivery dates will appear in the chat. Tap your desired date to continue (or select the box in the upper left that says 依頼可能な最短な日時 (irai kanou na saitan na nichiji) to get it delivered as soon as possible).

Japan Post Redelivery screen line
Step 1: enter your inquiry number. Step 2: choose your desired date.

After entering the date, another dialogue showing possible delivery times will appear in the chat. Tap your desired time range to continue (note that the upper lefthand box says 午前中 (gozenchuu), meaning anytime in the morning, and the lower righthand box says 時間指定なし (jikan shitei nashi) meaning “no set time.” After tapping your preferred time range, a confirmation will pop up confirming the date and time with はい and いいえ buttons. If everything looks okay, press はい (hai) to continue.

Japan Post Redelivery Line
Step 3: select your desired delivery time. Step 4 confirm.

Finally, a message requesting you to enter your phone number will appear, specifying that it should contain no spaces or dashes (eg. 0801234567). Once you enter your phone number, a final confirmation will appear again, confirming the date and time, as well as your phone number. Tap はい to confirm.

That’s it! The redelivery is scheduled!

Japan Post redelivery LINE
Step 5: enter your phone number. Step 6: Confirm.

In addition to the redelivery function, you can also use the Japan Post LINE account to check the status of a package that you sent or are expecting to receive, so it is well worth adding to your contacts. Additionally, Kuroneko Yamato also has a LINE account that features a similar redelivery system.

Applying Via the Website

You can apply for Japan Post redelivery via your phone
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Applying via the website is the second quickest and convenient option. You’ll be asked to fill in several details about your package, address, and when you want it redelivered. We’ll go over each in depth. There are two ways to access the website; using QR code on the slip, or going directly to the site itself. 

When applying by the internet or QR code, 次へ進む (tsugi e susumu) will mean to continue forward, while 前へ戻る (mae e modoru) will mean to go to the previous page. 

QR Code

Scan a QR code for easy access
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On your slip towards the bottom, you should see a QR code attached as a sticker. Scan it with your phone and let it take you to the redelivery website. This method should auto-populate several fields, such as your package number and possibly your address. 


Click this button to continue
Joe Bryer / Japan Post Website

If you go to the Japan Post website (or your applicable delivery company’s website), you will have to navigate their homepage to find the redelivery portal. Look for the button 配達依頼はこちら (saihaitatsu ha kochira). This method will require you to input all of your information. 

The Four Steps to Take Via the Website

Step 1: Tracking Number

Input your tracking number
Joe Byrer / Japan Post Website

When you scan the QR code, your tracking number should be automatically inputted into the form. If you’re doing it on the website, look for 追跡番号(お問い合わせ番号)(tsuiseki bangou (otoiawase bangou)) and type the number on your slip with the same label into the field. 

Step 2: Information About Your Address and Package

Input your delivery information
Joe Bryer / Japan Post Website

You’ll be sent to a screen like the above. Follow these steps:

  1. 郵便番号 (yuubin bangou): Input your Japanese postal code, then click the button next to it. This should auto-populate your address. If they miss anything (building or apartment number), make sure to add those in as well.
  2. ご不在連絡票 (gofuzai renraku hyo): Choose the day that delivery was attempted.
  3. 郵便物等の種類 (yuubin butsu nado no shurui): Select the kind of mail it is. This will be listed on your notice. If you can’t find it, you can always select 不明 (fumei), meaning “unknown,” at the end of the list. 
  4. ご希望の「再配達先」(gokibou no saihaitatsu saki): Select where you want your redelivery delivered. For most of people, selecting the first option, ご自宅等 (gojitaku nado), meaning “your home, etc.,” will be the easiest option. If you prefer a different place, select the appropriate option from the list above.

Step 3: Selecting Your Preferred Redelivery Date and Time

Input your preferred redelivery time
Joe Bryer / Japan Post Website

After inputting your information, you’ll be taken to a screen labeled 再配達希望日時の選択 (saihaitatsu kibou nichiji no sentaku). Here, you’ll input when you want the redelivery attempted. This will look different depending on if you’re on mobile, desktop, or applying with a different company. In all cases, it will be straightforward. 

  1. Select the date you want:  (tsuki) is the month, while  (hi) is the day. You can also go by the days of the week, which are 月火水木金土日 or Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, in that order. 
  2. Select the hours: Time will sometimes be listed in two-hour sections (notated in military time,) and sometimes by the time of day. For hours, remember that  (ji) is “hour,” and that 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm is 13:00 – 23:00 respectively. For the time of day, 午前中 (gozenchuu) is the morning, while 午後中 (gogojuu) is the afternoon. Within the hours/time of day you select, your package will be delivered, so make sure you’re home!

Step 4: Confirmation

Confirm and you're ready to go!
Joe Bryer / Japan Post Website

After you’ve input all your information and your desired delivery times, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen, or 入力内容の確認 (nyuryoku naiyou no kakunin).

Check to make sure everything is ok, and then press the register button 登録 (touroku) at the bottom of the screen. If you see 受付を完了いたしました (uketsuke wo kanryou itashimashita), that means everything is settled and on the way! You can safely exit the screen and await the redelivery of your package. 

Applying Via Telephone

You can also call
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You can also call and ask for redelivery. Do note it will be entirely automated in Japanese, so make sure you’re comfortable with your listening and comprehension skills. You’ll be asked most of the same questions above, and will need to input an answer using the number keys.

If neither this nor any of the other methods described above work for you, you can also call the post office’s English helpline at 0570-046-111 and they should be able to set you straight, although this will not be quite as quick. Note that the business hours for this line are 8:00AM – 9:00PM, Monday – Friday; and 9:00AM – 9:00PM, Saturday and Sunday.

Ways to Avoid Redelivery in the Future

Send your package to a local conbini
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Although it may seem convenient to just mash that next-day prime delivery button, the time you wait while they fail to deliver your package may be longer than picking an appropriate delivery time. When checking out, see if you can either pick when your package will be delivered or, if you’re not going to be home, choose an alternative such as conbini pickup.

If you deliver your package to a neighborhood conbini, they will pick it up for you and hold onto it for one week. All you need to do then is to enter your confirmation code (received by email) in the multimedia terminal, print out a ticket, and take it to the counter to receive your package. For those who are busy during the work-week, it’s an extraordinarily convenient option! 

If you get the redelivery notice and you’re close to your post office/distribution center, you can also just go and pick it up directly. Bring the redelivery slip with you, show it to the people at the post office, and they’ll hand you your package without having to deal with setting up redelivery and waiting even more time.

Finally, Amazon Japan has started providing the option to allow packages to be left on the ground outside of the front door. Although this adds the risk that your package could be stolen (granted a very small risk in Japan), you’ll be guaranteed not to get a redelivery slip if you choose this option.

Otherwise, redelivery is a fairly painless process! Enjoy your packages! 

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