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A Guide to Japan’s Amazing Tax Exemption Scheme for Investment by Individuals

In many countries, capital gains made by individuals are taxable, and with a hefty rate at that. Interestingly, Japan has a special system in place which allows tax-free investments and in some cases even tax deductions. What is the reasoning behind such a system? How could you benefit from it after making an investment? Let's find out together!
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Save On Your Daily Commutes! Japan’s Commuter Passes and How to Buy Them, Explained

If you're going to be in Japan for a while—be it to study, for a working holiday, or for a job—you're likely to rely on public transit quite often. One thing that'll save you a lot of money is buying a commuter pass (定期券, or "teikiken"). This article will explain the different types of passes, their benefits, and how you can purchase one for yourself!