Multicultural Family
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5 Tips To Raising A Multicultural Child With A Japanese Spouse

So, you married a Japanese person and may be seeking to expand your family with him or her. However, working with your spouse to expose your kids to both cultures can seem daunting and confusing, so in this article, I'm going to give a few tips based on my own experiences on how you can work together with your Japanese spouse to offer your children the best of both worlds.
Valentine's Day in Japan
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Valentine’s Day in Japan – A Complex Chocolate-Giving Culture

Did you know that Valentine's Day is celebrated differently in Japan from most other countries? Instead of men generously showering ladies with flowers and fancy meals, it is Japanese ladies who take the initiative by giving chocolates to their male and female acquaintances. So don't be surprised to receive chocolates that run the gamut from wallet-friendly to extravagant, depending on your relationship with the giver. Read on to find out the main kinds of chocolates that are given out on Valentine's Day and what they represent!
Senbikiya musk melon
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Why is Fruit in Japan so Expensive?

If you have visited a Japanese supermarket, you may have seen exquisite-looking, mouth-watering fruits that whet your appetite. You may have been keen to buy some of these fruits and savor them, but did your heart stop cold when you saw the exorbitant price tags? Why are these Japanese fruits so costly?! Read on to find out why these fruits are so expensive in Japan, gather insight on some premium fruits you can buy to pamper yourself with, or even learn about where to find Japanese fruits on a budget.