20 Highly Rated Beauty Products You Can Buy at Drugstores in Japan


Japan is infested with drugstores, and for good reason. You may already know that you can buy your medicine at these stores, but did you know you can buy beauty products, too? Japanese drugstores are widely and heavily frequented for their huge selection of all kinds of items and affordable prices. In fact, they are the first place many check for medicines, cosmetics, and other beauty products. With that said, here are 20 recommended beauty products sorted into their relative categories.

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Starting off with face wash products.

1. Rosette Face Washing Paste (ロゼット洗顔パスタ)

Rosette Face Washing Paste is a long-selling product, made in 1929. I especially recommend the round types, which are the ones on the left in the image shown above, that come in 3 series: for normal skin, for rough skin, and makeup remover. They include sulfur in their ingredients, which prevents and treats acne. Also comes in tubes. Official site in Japanese here.

2. Uruochisui Cleansing Eye Makeup Remover (うる落ち水アイメイクアップリムーバー)

You have your waterproof mascara, eye makeup primer, heavy glitter eyeshadow, and at the end of the day, you struggle because it just won’t come off. That won’t be the case with Uruochisui Cleansing Eye Makeup Remover. Even though it doesn’t include oil, gently press your eyes to a cotton piece soaked with the product, and you will see your bare skin again. It also includes moisturizing ingredients which will treat your overused eye areas.
Official site in English here.

3. Perfect Whip

Perfect Whip is a facial cleanser. You don’t just apply the paste directly to your skin, you need to whip it up until it’s like heavy whipped cream. This way, you can gently wash your skin and protect it from unnecessary damage. It may be hard work whipping up the cream, so I advise you to buy a face washing net as well. Official site in Japanese here.

Next, facial care products.

4. Skin Conditioner (Hatomugi Toner) (スキンコンディショナー【ハトムギ化粧水】)

Finding the perfect skin toner for your skin type may be a hassle. It was for me, until I found this Skin Conditioner (Hatomugi Toner). Hatomugi is pearl barley, and the fruit is used for medical purposes. This skin conditioner is cheap, but effective. I don’t worry myself over acne anymore after this product. Official site in Japanese here.

5. Rosette Goma-jyu (ロゼットゴマージュ)

Those blackheads and whiteheads on the tip and crease of your nose won’t go anywhere, and it’s killing you. Try out Rosette Goma-jyu. With the power of fruit acids, it removes old cuticles, white and black heads, and makes your skin squeaky clean. Official site in Japanese here.

6. Silcot Uru Uru Sponge Tailored (シルコットうるうるスポンジ仕立て)

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ユニ・チャーム株式会社さまより ”シルコット うるうるコットンスポンジ仕立て” をお試しさせていただきました! . ベストコスメを受賞しているコットンで、たかがコットン、されどコットン!と使って見て感じた商品なんですよ。 . 新開発のうるうるスポンジ素材が、含んだ化粧水を残さず肌に送り出すので、いつもの1/2の化粧水でも驚くほどうるおいます! . コットンがほぼ化粧水吸い込んでるんじゃない?! 勿体無い!!って思った方にはぴったりですよ! . 少量でもコットンがうるうるコットンに! . ちょっと形が変わってますよね。 . なめらかで柔らかい素材でフワフワです。 裂ける感じのコットンではないです。 . パッティングとして使うのもOK! パッティングする方は毛羽立ちが気になると思いますが、パッティング後のコットンがこちら。 . ほとんど毛羽立ちは気になりませんでした! . パッティング後はローションパックにどうぞ♡! . このような形でミシン目で2枚に切れてパックに出来るんです。 . このカーブが目元に絶妙にフィットするんですよね。 . 大判サイズなので気になる目元から頬をしっかり覆ってくれます。 . 普通のコットンではない。 たかがコットン、されどコットン!という言葉がぴったりだったかと思います! . 今ではこちらのコットンで目元のパックをするのが習慣になってます♡!! . . #シルコット #シルコットうるうるスポンジ仕立て #化粧水#ローションパック

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Regarding the means of using skin toner, some people say hand pressing is the best, whilst others say that using cotton pads are best. I prefer hands, but this product is a savior for those who prefer cotton pads. Silcot Uru Uru Sponge Tailored’s cotton pieces feel more like sponge than cotton, as it does say in its name. It soaks up more liquid compared to usual cotton pads, so it’s economical and good for your skin. Also, you can peel the cotton pad into half easily, and instantly make a skin pack! Official site in Japanese here.

Moving on to facial cosmetics goods.

7. Shiseido Eye Lash Curler (資生堂アイラッシュカーラー)

Yes, it’s the famous and reliable Shiseido. Most drug stores don’t have Shiseido cosmetics since it’s a high end brand, but regarding goods like eyelash curlers, they do place them in a corner. This eye lash curler is firm and well built, and can be used for a long time. Official site in Japanese here.

8. Shiseido Powder Puff (資生堂パウダーパフ)

Yes, this is another product from Shiseido. When you buy powders from various brands, they usually contain a slim and small powder puff. These are good for using for 1 or 2 times. The surface of these puffs are smooth like silk, and they help thoroughly blend the powder onto your skin. Official site in Japanese here.

9. Shiseido Sponge

Shiseido offers 8 types of sponges. 4 for powdery foundation in the shape of a square (right in the image above); a circle, for both powdery foundation and finishing powder, and for artistic touches. Another 4 for liquid foundation: silky touch (left in the image above), for coverage, for hard liquid foundation, and for artistic touches. It also comes with its cleanser. Official site in Japanese here.

Coming up, deodorant.

10. Deonatulle Soft Stone W (デオナチュレソフトストーンW)

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Дезодорант-стик на основе квасцов Deonatulle Soft Stone ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Упаковка твердый стик, 20 гр. Описание Deonatulle – марка натуральных дезодорантов на основе природных квасцов, уже много лет занимающая первые строчки во всевозможных японских рейтингах в категории дезодорантов-антиперспирантов. ⭐ Deonatulle не блокирует потовые железы, его принцип действия иной, Deonatulle: 1) избавляет от нежелательных микроорганизмов, чья жизнедеятельность является источником специфического запаха,  2) абсорбирует влагу. ⭐Эта форма Deonatulle Soft Stone в виде твердого стика – дезодорант номер один в Японии уже на протяжении многих лет. Помимо отличного от других стиков принципа действия, он еще и расходуется гораздо экономнее, чем стики других марок, очень удобно наносить, не оставляет следов на одежде, совершенно не липкий. ⭐Эффект от одного нанесения длится 24 часа, поэтому упаковки хватит на очень длительный период. Дезодорант не имеет собственного запаха и не содержит  отдушек и красителей. Для оптимального результата лучше использовать сразу после душа. ⭐Дополнительная информация Квасцы – природные минеральные соли горно-вулканического происхождения. Минеральная соль создает на коже невидимый защитный барьер от бактерий. Никакого влияния на поры и потовые железы квасцы не оказывают✅ #tokyo_shop_ #japan#deonatullesoftstone #japanbeauty

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Deonatulle Soft Stone W is a stick type deodorant, where you apply the product directly to the armpits. For hours, the armpit will stay dry and odorless! It is a bit pricey compared to other deodorants, but worth your money. Also comes in a tube. Official site in Japanese here.

11. Ag+ Deodorant

Ag+ Deodorant is a powder type deodorant, and comes in 5 scents: fresh soap, floral bouquet, sweet blend, verbena citrus, and baby powder. With the power of the aluminum solution, it suppresses sweat, doesn’t let the sweat drip, or leave white residue. Other products include foot spray, cool menthol spray, sheet type, and stick type. Made by Shiseido. Official site in Japanese here.

Runner up, body care products.

12. Yakutou Karada Meguri Yoku (薬湯カラダめぐり浴)

Yakutou means hot water that has medicinal effects, such as in hot springs. This product has 10 different types of herbal ingredients that increases the hot water effect and keeps your body warm even after leaving the bath tub. Using this product is easy: put a small amount of the product in a bathtub full of hot water. Official site in Japanese here.

13. Yomogi Onza Pad (よもぎ温座パッド)

Yomogi is mugwort. In Japan, yomogi is mainly used for eating purposes, such as mixing it into rice cakes, which is called yomogi mochi (よもぎもち). Here in the Yomogi Onza Pad, yomogi is used in the ingredients of a heating pad. The pad is shaped like a panty liner, and you can stick it to your underwear, and warm that area. Official site in Japanese here.

14. Oh! Baby Body Smoother (Oh! Baby ボディスムーザー)

Oh! Baby Body Smoother is a massage paste that will leave your body smooth like a baby. It includes minerals from hot springs. The aftermath will be more effective if you use it after a shower or a bath. Official site in Japanese here.

15. Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 50 (ニベアサンプロテクトウォータージェルSPF50)

Japan is especially sensitive when it comes to sunblock, since white spotless skin is considered beautiful. Therefore, there is a lot of sunblock sold in that respective corner of the drugstore. This is my personal opinion, but the Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 50 is probably the best when it comes to daily use. The texture is light and doesn’t stick to your skin unnecessarily. Official site in Japanese here.

16. Medicinal Solid Powder (薬用固形パウダー)

A while ago, baby powder was hugely popular in Japan. People found out they could use it as a finishing powder and it was good for their skin. Johnson’s baby powder was popular too, but Medicinal Solid Powder was fit for the purpose of a finishing powder since it didn’t have a distinctive scent. Official site in Japanese here.

17. Milk Soap (牛乳石鹸)

Cow Beauty Soap - Blue
Takayuki Miki (三木貴幸)/Flickr

One bar of Milk Soap is 108 yen, which is very cheap. But it’s the best soap out there for me. My skin doesn’t dry after washing, the scent is just heavenly, and the price is great for everyday use. They have 2 different scents: red for rose, and blue for jasmine. Official site in English here.

Finally, introducing the oils.

18. Ooshima Camellia (大島椿)

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\正しいシャンプー、できていますか?/ シャンプーは毎日することだけど、その方法をしっかり学ぶ機会はなかなかありませんよね。子供のころ親に教わったやり方で何となく続けているだけ…でも、正しいシャンプーテクニックを覚えれば頭皮にも髪にもとっても効果があるんです。 * まず入浴前には天然毛のブラシで髪をブラッシング。ロングヘアの方は毛先から根元に向かって徐々にブラシをかけていくと、汚れを落とすと同時に髪をほぐしてシャンプー時のダメージを減らしてくれます。 38度-40度くらいの熱すぎない温度にシャワーを設定したら、 * ①まずは頭皮と髪を濡らして、ホコリや汚れを洗い流すために手ぐしを使い軽く地肌と髪を洗う ②シャンプーを手のひらに伸ばし、空気を含ませながら頭頂部でやさしく泡立てる ③指の腹を使い、泡で頭皮を洗う。この際に両手の指を交差させるように頭頂部をジグザグ洗いしたり、手のひらで頭皮を軽く圧迫しながら頭皮を動かすようにマッサージすると、頭皮ケア効果があります ④頭全体をざっとすすぎ、その後に頭皮を洗うイメージで手のひらにお湯をためながらしっかり泡を落とす ⑤綺麗にシャンプーをすすいだら、髪をしぼって水分を落とし、トリートメント→リンスの順で保湿 * シャンプーというと「髪を洗う」イメージが強いですが、実際は頭皮を洗うのが正解。髪の毛の汚れはお湯ですすぐだけでも充分に落ちるので、ゴシゴシしないのが大事です。塗れた毛はキューティクルが傷みやすい状態になっているので、やさしく扱って下さいね。 既に枝毛ができていたり乾燥で髪がパサパサする時には、シャンプーの前に椿油を髪に塗っておくと洗髪時のダメージを軽減してくれるんですよ! * #大島椿 #oshimatsubaki #椿油 #ツバキ油 #椿オイル #camelliaoil #椿油ヘアケア #ヘアオイル #オイル美容 #美容オイル #つやつや #天使の輪 #プチプラコスメ #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい #女磨き #丁寧な暮らし #日々の暮らし

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Ooshima is an island located in the Izumi seven islands of the Tokyo Prefecture. It is famous for its camellia flowers. Ooshima Camellia is 100% camellia oil which can be used for hair and the scalp. It is effective for hair ends, and leaves your hair shiny and luxurious. Official site in Japanese here.

19. Hakka Oil (ハッカ油)

Hakka is mint. Hakka oil can be used for many purposes: put a few drops in your bath, shampoo, or body wash for a refreshing touch. Spray it to your pillow and bed sheets for the hot summer nights. Put the oil diluted with water on q-tips, and clean your ears with coolness. This oil will come in handy in the humid Japanese summer! Official site in Japanese here.

20. Sonba Oil (尊馬油)

From the name Sonba, which means to respect your horse, Sonba Oil is oil extracted from the horse. It can be used for the face, hair and body. Sonba Oil increases the natural moisturizing force of the skin, so it boosts the effect of your everyday skin care routine. Official site in Japanese here.

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