Why Japanese Women Have Such Lovely Skin: 5 Beauty Secrets You Have to Know!


Japanese women are well-known for their beautiful skin. What’s their secret? Well, beautiful skin starts with the correct diet and lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explore some uniquely Japanese lifestyle habits, as well as five secrets to achieving beautiful skin. Best of all, following these tips at home won’t break your wallet, so read on, learn the secrets of Japanese women, and achieve the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Do Japanese Women Have Such Beautiful Skin?

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The human skin is exposed to a lot of stress throughout the day. External stress factors include UV rays, polluted air, rain and wind, pollen, and cigarette smoke. But there are also internal factors that are bad for the skin, like working or worrying too much. Things like that can have a serious impact on one’s metabolism. So, in order to achieve beautiful skin, you must care for it every day and relieve some of that stress. In the case of Japanese women, a lot of the things that they do in the course of their everyday lives actually hold the secrets to achieving beautiful skin. We will now discuss some of those uniquely Japanese lifestyle habits.

Secret 1: Japan’s Well-Balanced Cuisine Can Do Wonders for Your Health AND Beauty

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Japanese food is well-known for being good for the body, but did you know that it can also improve your looks? The basis of Japanese cuisine is white rice, which is primarily carbohydrates. However, it also contains a lot of nutrients that have a beautifying effect on the body, like vitamin B1, which helps the human body recover from fatigue; iron, which a lot of women tend to lack; zinc, an important element in helping maintain collagen levels in the skin; and dietary fiber, which improves the intestinal environment. And because they eat white rice on a daily basis, Japanese people reap all of its benefits.

Other staples of the Japanese diet are pickled vegetables and fermented foods like natto or miso. They are not only good for the intestinal environment but also suppress the production of melanin. Thanks to globalization, more and more Japanese people have access to fast food and cuisine from all over the world, but many still choose to enjoy traditional dishes in their own homes. They also have easy access to traditional Japanese restaurants and convenience stores that carry classic Japanese dishes, so even those who don’t like to cook can regularly enjoy Japanese cuisine. Eating three square meals a day is good for the body, but eating three Japanese meals a day is especially good for the skin.

Secret 2: A Dip Can Do Wonders for Your Skin! Why Japanese People Love Baths

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Japanese people love baths so much, it’s not unusual for them to spend two hours in the tub. Bathing in hot water is an ancient Japanese custom, and it’s not limited to special places like onsen (hot springs). A home bathtub will do just fine. A hot bath makes you sweat, which rids your body of toxins and other harmful substances, so a lot of Japanese people take their time in the bath, sitting in the tub for hours with waterproof tablets or magazines. A long soak also helps with blood circulation, which in turn is good for metabolism and, ultimately, the skin. Additionally, a hot bath opens the pores, which helps the skin absorb more water, so doing your skincare routine just after a bath is the secret to beautiful, clear skin.

You can see how much Japanese people love baths by taking a walk around town, which is sure to be home to many sento (public bathhouses) of all shapes and sizes. Japanese people also travel all over the country to famous onsen spots and stay at hot spring resorts just for the chance to bathe in their rejuvenating hot springs. Every spring has different properties, but the main types include sodium bicarbonate springs, sulfur springs, carbon dioxide springs, and chloride springs. You can also classify springs by temperature or water pressure. You can easily check which ones make claims to being good for the skin. In any case, if you desire beautiful skin, then follow Japanese people’s example and take long, hot baths.

Secret 3: UV Rays Are Your Biggest Enemy! Useful Knowledge and Goods to Help You Avoid the Sun

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In spring and summer, you’ll see many Japanese women walking around with parasols. Many will also be wearing sun visors, sunglasses, and arm-covers. Every year, more and more Japanese people become aware of the dangers of sunburn, which is why you can now get foundation that protects against UV rays, sunscreen for your hair, and many other excellent sunscreen goods. Japan has long believed that fair skin is beautiful skin, which is why, in the past, Japanese women used to paint their skin white like geisha and maiko girls.

Additionally, a lot of Japanese women are aware that sunburn and suntan can eventually lead to wrinkles and freckles, so many start avoiding the Sun from a young age in order to protect their skin. That’s why one of the secrets to Japanese women’s beautiful skin is their knowledge and avoidance of harmful UV rays.

Secret 4: Japanese Women Are Expected to Wear Makeup?!

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Japanese women have a highly-tuned aesthetic sense and always worry how other people perceive them. That’s why most adult women in Japan put on makeup before they go out. Most only show their natural faces to their family, close friends, and partners. Many even oppose going to the corner convenience store or supermarket without putting on a little makeup. Simply put, makeup is thought of as a natural part of life and a courtesy for women in Japan. It’s why they’ll often fix their makeup during lunch outings or drinking parties, and why fashion magazines for elementary and junior high school girls feature a makeup corner.

Of course, makeup has a huge effect on the skin, but those particular about skincare have a wide range of high-quality beauty products to choose from. And because so many Japanese women take skincare so seriously, their skin appears even more beautiful when they go out wearing makeup.

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Secret 5: Beauty Treatments at Home? The Best Beauty Products You Can Buy in Japan

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Japanese people have such a high regard for beauty, they spend fortunes in beauty salons and clinics, where many women are regulars. And when they’re not doing that, they’re at home using Japan’s many beauty home appliances and products, from electric facial devices to humidifiers, depilators, massagers, and so on. Even the face packs that you’ll find in drug and convenience stores offer many different fragrances and ingredients, all to make a quest for beautiful skin all the more enjoyable. Lately, products that help train facial muscles have also appeared on the market and have become quite popular, because training the muscles responsible for facial expressions helps with blood circulation and slims down the face, among other beneficial effects. There are plenty of home beauty treatments and products available in Japan for relatively low prices, and they are one of the strongest allies of Japanese women who want to do what’s best for their skin.

More and More Men Are Becoming Interested in Beauty!

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In recent years, Japanese men have become more and more interested in beauty. It’s not unusual now to spot corners in stores with men’s cosmetics like skin lotions or creams. An increasing number of men are also visiting men’s beauty salons and clinics. It’s not even unusual for businessmen to fix up their skin with a little makeup in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. Social media has definitely had a hand in making young men more concerned with how they present themselves to the world.

But just because men have gotten more serious about beauty doesn’t mean they want to be more feminine. Rather, they want to bring out more of their own unique charm, and skincare and makeup are one of the ways to do that. In the end, though, it’s all a part of Japan’s unique culture that teaches people to concern themselves with how others see them.

Japan offers a lot of ways to achieve beautiful skin and have fun doing it, from healthy Japanese food to onsen hot springs and beauty treatments. It’s quite easy and inexpensive to work these suggestions into your daily life, so you can begin your healthy-skin journey today!

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