[Japanese Basics Part II] Learn Katakana Using Manga!

Have you been working on the hiragana we learned last time? The theme of this lesson is katakana. We’ll go over what the difference is between katakana and hiragana, as well as where to use katakana. We’ll help you become an expert in katakana!

* We were given permission to share this manga by Manga de Japan. More details about them below.

Q: There is already hiragana… what is katakana for, then? When and where do we use it?

A: Katakana is used to express foreign loanwords! Foreign names (people, places, and so on) are written with katakana as well.

Q: Are there more katakana than hiragana?

So, just follow the same routine as last time! Go through the complete list of katakana here, and you can become a katakana expert!

How are you feeling? The pronunciation and number of katakana are exactly same with hiragana, so it is a good idea to learn them in pairs. Happy studying!

What Is Manga de Japan?

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