[Japanese Basics Part I] Learn Hiragana Using Manga!

Anyone seeking to read and write Japanese should start here, by learning the hiragana alphabet. We’ll explain this writing system to you as simply as possible using manga!

* We were given permission to share this manga by Manga de Japan. More details about them below.

In this article, we’ll be learning the first of these alphabets, hiragana.

You will be a hiragana master in no time at all! This list contains the full list of hiragana:

Any Japanese journey has to start with hiragana. Now that we’ve completed that, let’s move onto katakana!

What Is Manga de Japan?

Manga de Japan is a website that aims to promote Japanese culture through manga. It is available in both Japanese and English and provides a truly unique perspective into Japan, so please check it out if you liked this manga and want to read more!

For more details, please see the video below or check out their website here: https://mangadejapan.com/

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